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Yu-gi-oh is mainly about the various battles of a high school freshman named yugi motou through a card game known as Duel Monsters but it was Magic and Wizards in the original, although Duel Monsters is also used. However, Duel Monsters picks up its focus from where the earlier series leaves off, roughly corresponding to the eighth volume of the manga series. The character are:

Yugi motou

Name: Yugi motou
Description: Owner of the Sennen Puzzle given to him by Solomon Motou. Yugi is the main character he has a very close relationship with his friends and his yami, atemu. He is the king of games.Yugi is suprisingly short for his age and he depends alot on his yami. His father, solomon motou own a game shop hich explains his facsination with games.


Name: Atemu
Description: A pharoah who lived in Egypt during the New Kingdom, 1000 B.C. He, along with his loyal six priests,thought they banished evil for good. As a result though, Atemu's soul was sealed forever within the piecesof the Sennen Puzzle. In 1965, Solomon Motou discovered the Pharoah's puzzle and gave it to his grandson,Yugi Motou. He is close to yugi and made him more confident.

Seto Kaiba
Name: Kaiba Seto
Description: His father died when he was young and his mother died giving birth to use. The present CEO of KC after Gozaburo. He used to smile, back at the orphanage. Now he's become unfeeling. He's also very - very obsessed with the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.When he gets his heart set on a card he will do anything to get it He designed the Battle City Tournament to get Obelisk. Gozaburo taught him that to lose is to die, so Kaiba has conquered every feat thrown in front of him - that's why Exodia was such a crushing defeat for him.

Katsuka Jonouchi
Name: Katsuka Jonouchi (Joey wheeler)
Description: Strives to become a True Warrior of Duel Monsters. Jonouchi has a tendency to over-talk his gaming abilities. As a symbol of his desire to become a true Warrior, he uses Warrior monsters in all of his dueling decks from Flame Swordsman to Giltia the Lightning. He places second in DK, fourth in BC, and doesn't make it past the second round in KC Grand Prix. In BC, his whole goal was to duel Yugi in the Final Round, and win back his Red-Eyes Black Dragon, proving his accomplishment in becoming a true

Honda Hiroto
Name: Honda Hiroto (Tristan taylor)
Description: A minor character in both manga and anime. Honda is Jonouchi's lifelong friend. He prefers to fight his way out of a problem rather than duel. He is imature a duels very little. His favourie card is the cyber commander as we learned when Bakura turn them all into there favourite cards. Honda isnot s involved in the story lines as much as others. Also has a habbit of being possessed.

Tea gardener

Name: Anzu (Tea gardener)
Description:Yugi's friend since childhood. She aspires to go to NYC and become a ballet dancer, but until then she roots for Jonouchi and Yugi from the sidelines with Honda. She gives Atemu the bracelet before he enters Memory World which becomes very useful. Anzu has a crush on atemu but not yugi which is widely known


Name: Bakura Ryou
A weak exchange student from England. His father is always away on business trips, and his mother and sister are dead. He writes to his dead sister as a way of coping with the lose. His father brought home the Sennen Ring from a business trip to Cairo, Egypt. Later, Bakura's only friends went into a coma after playing a game of Monster World with him, but Bakura couldn't remember what happened. Again, he made friends, this time with Yugi Motou, Honda, Anzu and Jonouchi. Once they played a game with Bakura, Thief Bakura's soul took over, and from that point on was in constant competition with the Pharoah. In DK, he tried again to rob him of the Sennen Puzzle. He tried again in Battle City, but lost. Once everyone went to Memory World, Bakura was finally released from the spirit of Thief Bakura, but was still influenced by Zork. So, he confronted Yugi one more time - and failed.

Theif Bakura

Name: Theif Bakura
Description:The sole survivor of the massacre of Kenalra, the City of Theives. When he witnessesed his family and friends boiled alive to created instruments of power for the Pharoah, he lost his innocence and his soul become corrupt, allowing the dark power of Zork Necrophious to enter him. He became known as the king of theives, and is responsible for Mahaado's death. After the events of Memory World, his spirit was sealed within the Sennen Ring, and was later united with Ryou Bakura. He seeks to obtain all of the Sennen Items to one day rule the world.

Mokuba Kaiba

Name: Kaiba Mokuba
Description: Mokuba, Kaiba's younger brother, receives the key to the company when Kaiba loses to Yugi. He sets out to DK to save his brother, but ends up being a hostage himself. After DK, he helped organize BC. He was brainwashed by Noa in Virtual World. Before Virtual World ended, he told Noa that Kaiba could build Noa a robot body, and he can come back with him. This brotherhood even after he brainwashed him. This is what turned Noa's heart at the end

There are the mains you need to know about there are many more like marik which you can look up material was from wikipedia


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